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Guiding Beauty Service Providers to Success Through Education and Mentorship

With over 6 years of experience running my own beauty business—from starting out solo to owning a salon—I've faced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship firsthand.

My goal is to help you not just survive, but thrive as a beauty business owner. I know that being great at providing beauty services and running a business are two different skills, and I'm here to help you connect the dots.

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I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed as a business owner. With a never ending list of things to do.

With 10+ years of web design experience, I want to help create a beautiful and functional website for your beauty business that will help turn strangers into dream clients.

Imagine having a dedicated partner in your beauty business journey—a business bestie who not only provides personalized guidance and support but also shares invaluable lessons learned from firsthand experience. That's what you get with my mentorship.

Together, we'll assess your current business status, define your goals, and craft a tailored action plan to turn those aspirations into achievements. 

Empower Your Beauty Business with Mentorship

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Online Programs & Masterclasses

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Inside this online experience I'm going to teach you exactly how to market and sell your services so that you can attract dreamy clients who pay $$$ for your time and skill. You'll walk away knowing exactly how to convert strangers into paying clients.

Convert With Confidence

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Ready to start treating your business like an actual business? I’ve created a program where we focus on exactly that. BBB will help you get clear on what your first steps as a beauty biz owner should be to help set a strong foundation for your business.

Beauty Biz Basics


Your mindset holds tremendous power, both in your personal life and your business. Inside this masterclass we will be focusing on the mindset shifts that have helped me grow my beauty business over the past 5+ years. 

Shifting Your Mindset 


It's so important to be aware of your numbers and finances to help you make informed decisions.Inside this masterclass we will be focusing on MONEY, best practices around money and how to intentionally price your services - how/when to implement a price increase.

Know Your Numbers

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Past Client Reviews

Francesca is so amazing at what she does. My expectations are seriously always exceeded when working with her! I’ve worked with Francesca on a few different projects now from taking a lash class, to her mentorship program, and now getting a website made by her. I keep coming back because I just love how passionate she is about anything she does. You can see how excited, detailed and thorough she is throughout the entire process. She really cares to understand your brand and your vision which is very important to me. I am always satisfied, and left feeling super inspired :) she’s really the best!!

Jazlyn V. - Owner of Muse Beauty Studio

Client Testimonials

Thank you, Francesca for redoing my website! You’re creativity and knowledge made my website come to life. You’re also very thorough and organized which made the process so much easier. I will definitely be back for future services!

Christina N. - Owner of The Lash District

Client Testimonials

Mentorship with Francesca has always exceeded my expectations. She is filled with so much knowledge and passion! From honest feedback to accountability checks, she has always been there to answer my questions.

Maria R. - Owner of Malu Esthetics

Client Testimonials

website audits

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Already have a website but want critique and advice on how to make it better?

As a beauty business owner, having a high-performing, user-friendly website is essential for successful client conversion. My Website Audit Services provide an in-depth analysis of your website, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Whether you're aiming to boost traffic, enhance user experience, or improve search engine rankings, our detailed audit will give you the insights you need.

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Do you want to meet other beauty professionals in your area?

Join us for brunch!

Formerly known as "Lash Socials", a Beautypreneur Brunch is a gathering of local beauty professionals in a brunch setting. It's a great way to make connections & network with other beauty professionals as well as just have fun!

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